While some of these menu items can be found in our coolers throughout the day, they are best enjoyed hot from the kitchen from 11AM - 3PM Monday through Friday.


    • Sandwiches and Burgers

    • Muscle Mack


      two 2 ounce house-ground chicken burgers, on a whole grain bagel thin, with arcadian mix, pickles, cheddar, diced onion, and house made sauce; served with house baked chips

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    • Lean Beef Burger


      93% lean ground beef on a whole grain bagel thin, nitrate free turkey bacon, avocado, arcadian mix, and house made A1 aioli with broccoli salad

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    • BBQ Chicken Sliders


      our house ground chicken breast burgers on whole wheat slider buns, nitrate free turkey bacon, cheddar, bbq sauce, & pickles with our baked, oil free chips

    • Tex-Mex

    • Chicken Quesadilla


      whole wheat wrap, hand trimmed chicken, pinch of mozzarella, and tri color peppers, spice blend, served with greek yogurt*, avocado, and salsa

      choose classic or buffalo flavor!

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    • Chicken Burrito


      hand-trimmed chicken breast wrapped in a whole wheat shell, baked with salsa verde and a pinch of mozzarella, served with arcadian mix, avocado, and greek yogurt*

      choose classic or buffalo flavor!

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    • Taco Bowl


      our salt free spice in house ground chicken breast with cilantro lime rice, corn salsa, and avocado

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    • Pizzas

    • Steel Room Pizza


      lean protein on a whole wheat pita, tostada, or GF bread, and a controlled portion of cheese

      choose a flavor: bbq, buffalo, cheeseburger (beef +.75), or pesto artichoke (+.75)

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    • Vegan and Vegetarian

    • Salad of Steel


      arcadian mix, kale*, sliced almonds, red cabbage, brussel sprouts, dried cranberries, with a light poppyseed dressing on the side (GF)

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    • Teriyaki Vegan Bowl


      quinoa*, broccoli, grape tomatoes, and tempeh* roasted in our house made teriyaki sauce (DF)

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    • Tahini Buddha Bowl


      black rice, sauteed kale*, turmeric, turnips, cinnamon apples, honey-roasted parsnips, and carrots* in house made tahini sauce (GF) (DF)

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    • Peanut Buddha Bowl


      brown rice noodles*, sauteed cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and crushed peanuts in our house made peanut ginger sauce (GF) (DF)

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    • Impossible Burger


      vegan burger on a whole wheat bagel thin with the works and a side of house-made chips

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    • Add Protein

    • Keep It Vegan


      please allow extra time

      tempeh*- 140 CAL

      tofu*- 80 CAL

    • Non-Vegan


      ground chicken- 110 CAL

      pulled chicken- 110 CAL

      93/7 lean beef (+.75) - 170 CAL

    • Bowls

    • Body Builder Bowl


      house-ground chicken breast, brown basmati*, diced cucumbers, basil, and house made balsamic dressing (GF) (DF)

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    • Kitchen Sink Bowl


      “everything but the kitchen sink”

      pulled or ground chicken over brown basmati*, topped with roasted zucchini, brussels sprouts, peppers, and broccoli in Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (GF) (DF)

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    • Build Your Own Meal

      $7.00 S
      $8.50 M
      $10.00 L

      build-a-bowl allows for you to customize exactly what you want and exactly how much you want. gluten and dairy free options available.

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