Our HYBRID MEMBERSHIP includes unlimited access to our weight training room, and ALL CLASSES INCLUDING BOOTCAMP, and our live online classes. It also includes the ability to use the Fit3D Scanner for $25, and our app with access to hundreds of exercise and weight training programs that can be done in any gym, at home, or on the go! This membership has a cancel any time option!

**The Hybrid membership is $35/week with no commitment or $30/week with a 12 month commitment. Additional adult family members in the same household can be added to the contract for $15/week, and students 17 and under can be added for an additional $10/week. Add ons must reside in the same household.

Our ABOUT FACE BOOTCAMP – ALL INCLUSIVE 12 MONTH PROGRAM includes unlimited access to all classes including Bootcamp, access to the weight training room, nutrition guidance, assessments with a trainer every 6-8 weeks, Fit3D scans for $15, private group coaching page, access to our food diary app with Bootcamp Recipes preloaded for easy logging, new recipes with a sample meal plan and shopping list added every 45 days, free online meal prep classes, and many useful resources such as calorie and macronutrient calculators, water intake suggestions, what to eat pre and post workout, supplement recommendations, and more!

**The All Inclusive Program is $42/week with a 12 month commitment. Additional adult family members are $25/week, and students aged 12 – 17 are $15/week. Add ons must reside in the same household. 

CLUB STEEL is our elite membership. This is a much more personalized and individual approach. Exercise prescriptions are written for each member of this club based on their goals, current fitness level, any injuries, and schedule availability. A weekly, hour long, personal training session to go over form, new exercises, and programming for the rest of the week is part of this plan, as well as a weekly diet coaching session where recipes are laid out for the client based on their given goals, likes and dislikes, individual needs for calories and macronutrient splits, and schedule/travel needs. A Fit3D Scan is performed weekly for free. These club members also receive 10% off all meal prep at the Steel Room for the duration of their membership. All classes and everything that comes in all other memberships is also included. Club Steel requires a 4 week commitment, and can be renewed or cancelled every 4 weeks.

** The Club Steel Elite Membership is $750 for 4 weeks. No add ons permitted on this membership. 

Non-Membership Information

If you aren’t quite ready to invest yourself into a contract, class packages and drop-in fee’s are available for most classes. Any class that is not part of the About Face Bootcamp program

Dance Classes are offered for a drop-in fee of $6 per visit.

All other classes (other than the About Face Bootcamp classes) can be accessed at the single drop-in rate or in a class package. Buy in bulk and save money!

  • Single Drop-In – $15/class
  • Ten Class Pass – $120 ($12/class)

One Bootcamp – 6 Week Program

Access to our Bootcamp program can be bought without signing up for a membership. This purchase gives you 18 credits to use on any variation of classes during a 6 week period, two Fit3D Body Scan assessments (before and after), nutrition counseling, recipes, our program resources, our app with food log and over 50 exercise programs that can be done anywhere! Your 6 week purchase does not have to align with our Bootcamp dates! Start at any time. 6 Week Bootcamps are $299