Bootcamp combines Steel Room services for a unique approach that attacks fitness from all angles, giving you the BEST results! We will help you find programming that fits your needs and goals. The Bootcamp program comes with our recipes, a list of acceptable foods to swap, an account in our app and food log allowing you to easily track your calories and macros, 18 in house sessions, access to hundreds of workouts in our online catalog that can be done in any gym or space (you choose what equipment you have to work with, if any), our private coaching page, and two Fit3D Body Scan assessments with our trainers!

Our Bootcamp is a closed 6 week program, allowing you to best focus on your journey and your goals. The Steel Room members pride themselves in their group accountability and involvement. Surround yourself with encouraging and supportive members who will give you that extra push you won’t get in an open gym. You may find that you produce your best results when surrounded by others who are on the same journey and helping you each step of the way.

We coach the truth about fat loss and nutrition. We teach you why the number on the scale isn’t always the indicator of success. We focus on losing actual fat pounds, and won’t trick you with water weight loss, or even worse… muscle loss. We show you not only how to take weight off, but also how to keep weight off. Don’t just take our word for it though, see what our clients’ have to say about their progress here.

Bootcamp costs $299 for one 6 week program with no strings attached. This includes 18 sessions that must be used during the 6 week period, and can be a combination of classes we offer. However, we also offer 2 tiers of membership. One includes the Bootcamp/nutrition packaging, and all other unlimited classes at a cheaper rate. See our membership options here. Still unsure of what works best for you? Worried about time constraints? Come in and talk to us so we can help figure out your fitness future. Don’t continue making excuses — make your health your number one priority!