Membership Information

Our Basic Membership includes unlimited access to all of our classes aside from our Bootcamp Program or the Yoga Studio.

The Basic membership is $75/month with a 6 month commitment or $85/month with no commitment.

Our Ultimate Membership includes unlimited access to all classes aside from the Yoga Studio, nutrition guidance, access to our food diary appassessments with a trainer every 6 weeks, access to Bootcamp classes, and recipes for your meal plans.

The Ultimate membership is $145/month with a 6 month commitment or $125/month with a 12 month commitment.

Non-Membership Information

If you aren’t quite ready to invest yourself into a contract, class packages and drop-in fee’s are available for most classes.

Dance Classes (Steel Strut, Steel Strut Extreme, Zumba, and Step Strut) are offered for a drop-in fee of $5 per visit.

All remaining classes can be accessed at the single drop-in rate or in a class package. Buy in bulk and save money!

  • Single Drop-In – $15/class
  • Ten Class Pass – $140 ($14/class)
  • Twenty Class Pass – $250 ($12.50/class)
  • Thirty Class Pass – $330 ($11/class)

Bootcamp remains closed to visitors during the 6 week program. However, drop-in’s are allowed during the 2 week gap between Bootcamps. Prices for drop-in’s during this period are as listed above.

Yoga Studio Pricing **

Monthly yoga memberships allow unlimited access to classes in the Yoga Studio.

Our yoga only membership is priced at $80/mo with a 3 month commitment, or $75/mo with a 6 month commitment.

If you are interested in purchasing a Basic/Unlimited membership at the Steel Room, but also want to add Yoga Studio access to your account, an add-on can be purchased.

Add unlimited yoga access onto your Steel Room membership* for only $50 a month.

If you are not quite ready to start your membership at the Steel Room or our Yoga Studio, yoga classes can be bought individually or in bulk packages. The more you buy, the more you save!

  • Single Drop-In – $15/class
  • Ten Class Pass – $140 ($14/class)
  • Twenty Class Pass – $250 ($12.50/class)
  • Thirty Class Pass – $330 ($11/class)

Bootcamp 6 Week Program

Access to our Bootcamp program can be bought without signing up for a membership. This purchase gives you 18 credits to use on any variation of classes, aside from our Yoga Studio, during a 6 week period. Your 6 week purchase does not have to align with our Bootcamp dates! Start at any time. Price comparisons for Bootcamp access are listed below.

  • $220 for one round with no membership
  • $145 per month with a 6 month commitment
  • $125 per month with a 12 month commitment

*Applicable to Basic OR Unlimited memberships under a 6/12 month commitment.

**Access to our Specialty Yoga 6 Week Series will not be included in memberships or class cards.