Only the best ingredients!

Most everything in the Steel Room's meal prep kitchen is made from scratch with only the best ingredients! We make our own sauces and dressings to keep you free and clear of preservatives, artificial colors, and added sugar. We understand the importance of quality protein, and our chicken breast comes to us fresh with a kill date on the box. Never frozen! We hand trim ALL of our proteins, and grind our own chicken breast to ensure you only receive the best and leanest product. No yucky stuff, gristle or fat goes into our grinder! If it isn't lean meat, it isn't in your food! Our beef is cut fresh in a cut shop and sent to us the day it is needed.

You will NEVER find a pre-formed, pre-packaged burger patty, or chicken breast with fake grill marks in this meal prep. That's our promise to you!

At the Steel Room's Healthy Appetite, our focus is not only providing meals that will help you reach your fitness goals, but will also provide you with a balanced, Dietician approved plan to create overall health and wellness!

walk ins are welcome!  

You don't have to place orders online, and you don't have to be a member of the gym to buy meals! We are busy daily preparing fresh meals for our cooler, and you can come in and grab and go! We also have delicious protein shakes, and Power Punches to help fuel your day! 

Dietician Approved Recipes & Meal Prep

All Steel Room meal plans and recipes are checked by our Registered Dietician to ensure sodium content, iron, cholesterol, and micronutrient needs are met.


We always buy the best, and go organic as much as possible!

Custom Nutrition Planning

Ask us how you can get a customized meal plan and recipes for yourself! We can cater to any dietary needs and requirements! Please note that nutrition planning is a separate service from meal prep. We do not meal prep custom nutrition plans.

Done For You Meal Prep

The Steel Room's Healthy Appetite creates meal plans made with simple yet delicious recipes that will make you fall in love with healthy eating!

Order Meal Prep

Meal plan 5/24 - 5/29

Place orders HERE! The last day to pick up items from this week's meal plan is Saturday, May 29th between 8am and 11am! The following week's plan will be posted and available on Sunday by 7pm. 

MEAL PLAN 5/31 - 6/5

We are finishing up a 6 Week Bootcamp and a 16 Week Beach Challenge and the meal plans are still in full effect!

Available to order on Sunday evening by 7pm. The current week's meal prep will be in the store until then. Please note if you are a walk in purchase and aren't ordering online that we start working on preparing the food early on Monday mornings, and the meal prep coolers are not guaranteed to be completely full until 4pm each Monday (unless otherwise noted by holidays or other occasions). The rest of the days of the week, food will be ready and available during all open business hours! If you have a specific meal in mind, please call 865-233-2333 or check the webstore to make sure the item is in stock. 

You can check out close up photos, descriptions, reheating instructions, pricing, and place orders for meal prep HERE!