Location and Contact


Main Location, Yoga Studio, and Restaurant

Visit us at: 355 Gill Street

Call us at: 865-233-2333

Listed below are managers who are prepared to answer any questions, comments, or concerns within their department. Please fill out the contact form below and they will reach out to you shortly!

General Manager: Callie Wendt

Membership and Guest Services Manager: Shelby Sutera

Fitness Coordinator: Melissa Conner

Hot Lunch Hours: Weekdays 11AM-3PM

Business Hours:  Monday: 10AM-7PM

           Tuesday: 10AM-7PM

           Wednesday: 10AM-7PM

           Thursday: 10AM-7PM

           Friday: 10AM-6PM

           Saturday: 11AM-Noon

           Sunday: Closed


Mean Green

Visit us at: 403 S. Washington Ave.

Gym Hours: Varies, check Gym Class Calendar 

(Members enter at the side door that is located off of Ellis Ave across from Foothills Milling Company.)